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The Students and Young Professionals (SYP) Explore Tours

Globalization has brought many benefits to humanity. These include the easy mobility of people, goods, ideologies, expertise, services, and technologies throughout the globe. Globalization, therefore, promotes increased interactions between or among regions and individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Participating in an international exchange program has proven to be an effective medium to increase one’s chances of employability. Participants experience a different education system and practices which become an added value to their career. According to Erasmus impact summary, ‘64% of employers think that an international experience is important for recruitment. 64% of surveyed employers said that graduates with an international background are more often given greater professional responsibility and young people who study abroad are half as likely to face long-term unemployment as those who do not study abroad’.

In light of this, Pertrients Inc. has designed an exchange program, dubbed ‘EXPLORE’ for educational institutions, professional groups, families, and individuals globally. The purpose of this program is for them to seize the unique opportunity globalization provides; to create and access diverse opportunities in other parts of the world that can also contribute to the reduction of unemployment rate in the future. Explore is in three forms: iExplore, which is a non-academic short-term exchange program; EduExplore, an academic exchange program for educational institutions; and ProExplore, an exchange program for professionals, government agencies, and corporate bodies. These programs are mostly international trips, but there are instances where domestic ones are designed to suit our clients.

The experience of attending an international exchange program has been found to be a very good way to improve one’s chances of finding a job. Students and young professionals receive a unique and valuable education that helps them succeed in their careers. Research has shown that people with international experience are more likely to find employment than those without. The exchange program offers students a unique opportunity that globalization offers and allows them to meet others in the world, and access diverse opportunities and means in the region, contributing to lower unemployment rates.

Students and Young Professionals Explore Tours has therefore been designed for students and young professionals to embark on short-term educational and professional tours during which they will spend up to ten days abroad to visit various academic institutions, corporations and other memorable sites.

The tour will give its tourists the platform to choose a country where they want to interact with erudite, experts, giant corporations, and institutions related to their field of study or career path. By learning from experts in diverse fields and through peer review, tourists will be equipped for innovation and sustainability. The tour will equip tourists and their foreign counterparts with the requisite skills for personal and professional development. The various tours to multinational corporations and start-up incubation hubs are good for career and business development for young people and most importantly, position them for possible recruitment into these corporations; and partnerships with start-up incubation hubs respectively. Fun and entertainment are also embedded into every trip.

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