Draft Itinerary

This is a typical itinerary for short term tours by Pertrients for students and young professionals. However, these are subject to change. 

  1. Applications for Trip Begins
  2. Screening and Acceptance of Applicants
  3. First Payment
  4. Traveling Documents Vetting and Visa Application Process Orientation
  5. Visa Appointment
  6. Second Payment
  7. Pre-Departure Orientation
  8. Departure
  9. Tour to Universities and other Educational and Training Institutions
  10. Tour to Multinational Corporations and Organizations
  11. Conference/Summit Period
  12. Tour to Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and Business Hubs
  13. Tour to Historic Sites and Museums
  14. Shopping and Party
  15. Return
  16. Debriefing and Evaluation


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