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We are specialized in events and conferences; travel and tourism; sister-city and exchange programs; start-up and entrepreneurial development; policy analysis and project management. Driven by vision, teamwork, professionalism, creativity and commitment, we provide world-class services as we aspire to become a global giant whose impact will last for generations.

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Who we are

Our Mission

To provide world-class services
in events management, travel and tourism, start-up and entrepreneurial development, sister-city and exchange programs, policy analysis and project management that will accelerate human development.

Our Vision

We want to become a global giant whose services will impact many
lives, including generations unborn.

Core Values

  • Visionary
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity
  • Commitment

    What We Do

    Ensuring that everyone is celebrated and every action, appreciated

    There are many challenges the world faces. Many actions have been taken by the United Nations, regional organisations and non-governmental organisations to ameliorate the problems society face. Most of these actions are preceded with decisions taken at conferences where broad discussions, presentations and recommendations are made. Strategic investors have most times made investments based on recommendations of decision makers/policymakers. As a corporate entity, we are committed to creating a platform where people can meet to take decisions especially those related to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We break every barrier (space, language and culture) to connect people by setting the agenda; inviting stakeholders, and providing logistics to ensure that the right policies/decisions are taken in a conducive environment. Attending a conference especially in a foreign country might be the first time people are moving from the comfort of their homes for such purposes. Therefore, we, ensure that such experiences are fun-filled.

    Traveling to other places could be for business or leisure. Whatever your intention is, we are interested in making sure that you have a memorable trip. Together with our partners across the globe, we plan, advise and further provide all the necessary documentation and logistics towards your trip.  Whether domestic or foreign trips, we are ready to offer our services to your utmost satisfaction. We are dealing with the best airlines, hotels, and catering companies and most importantly, decent tour guards who will lead you to the world’s most historic, entertaining and educative sites. The business ambiance provides the right decision and we are committed to your business needs.

    Exchange Program is an agreement between two or more sister organizations that enables members of the organization to visit each other for an agreeable period to acquire additional knowledge. Participants learn best practices since each party tries to showcase their best. An important reason for partnerships is to make organizations more agile, flexible and dynamic to make their operation compatible with international standards of productivity, competitiveness, and quality. Setting up an exchange program could be a daunting task since it involves a lot of processes and requires extra efforts to achieve a fruitful and lasting exchange. At Pertrients, we have a team that identifies sister organizations, match and assist them to establish exchange programs. We design guidelines and program content for each partnership we establish. We monitor and review each partnership every year and ensures that subsequent ones are improved.  We establish both domestic and international exchange programs for all groups.

    Sister-city partnership is a legalized mutual agreement between certain cities, towns, prefectures, counties, states, and even countries in the world. This tie forged between two factions fosters friendship and exchange, cultural understanding, trade agreement, and business partnerships. This helps information to be shared among partners to help promote and develop their education and economic sectors. International partnerships between states or countries help repair and promote international relations through education, profession, medical, humanitarian and economic development. This will help the populace of a country to travel and open up to opportunities to explore and learn different cultures of a different or a sister country. Also, this promotes the cordial relationship between local authority bodies and enhance development.   Also, the inter-organizational cooperation between sister city partnerships aims in learning and aiding partners to fulfil their long-term strategic goals by the commitment of resources and joint decision making to create more advantages for the countries or parties involved in this increasing globalization era. Sister-city relationships thrive essentially on the exchange of experiences, sharing common problems, friendly relationships, credibility, transparency, commitment, understanding, and cultural awareness. For us as a company, we facilitate and manage such partnerships. We initiate these partnerships and further helps set the standards that will guide its longevity. We will also ensure that implementations are carried out for all the terms listed in partnership agreements. The needed investments and operational activities are monitored to ensure maximum benefits for both parties. Every year, we will ensure that the partnerships are assessed; parties, peer-reviewed; and if possible, agreements reviewed. We hope that by 2030, one hundred sister-city partnerships will be established.

    We believe strongly in the power of entrepreneurship and the role of start-ups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Daily, the world is confronted with a new challenge and it takes the innovation, creativity and commitment of start-ups to come up with solutions to address these challenges. Unfortunately, many start-ups fold up a few months after incorporation. Part of our activities at Pertrients is to solve the world’s most pressing needs by empowering start-ups. We achieve this by bridging the gap between policymakers, regulatory bodies and investors through effective policy advocacy, research, networking, training, mentorship and funding.

    Policies are developed and implemented to help address challenges. Since individuals, organizations and governments have different challenges, they must adopt a more practical and tailored approach to address challenges now or in the future.  At Pertrients, we commit ourselves to assist individuals, organizations and most especially, governments to develop policies that can address their challenges and accelerate their growth.  For governments whose interests are for the social good, we  will work closely with the Department of State of the United States of America to adopt better policies especially for developing countries and attract the needed investments for the implementation of policies that require multi-stakeholder involvement.  We have a great network of very experienced policy analysts and academics across the globe who will bring their expertise to bear when the need arises.

    The objective of project management is to produce the best project results which comply with standards and objectives set out by clients. At Pertrients, we take your project through the various stages of project management, taking into consideration, the best practices around the globe. We ensure that we come to a successful execution of your project to your utmost satisfaction.

    Working Together To Achieve Greater Results

    Our Team

    Dr. Richmond Danso


    Erica Acheamponmaa

    Vice President (Domestic Affairs)

    Dr. Bismark Asumadu

    Vice President (International Affairs)

    Ewura Karim Adams

    Programs Manager

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