Who We Are

___We are driven by great values to serve you___

We are Pertrients Inc – based in the United States of America with our activities dotted around many countries across the globe. Pertrients seeks to strategically create opportunities for people anywhere in the world to connect, share ideas, have fun and most importantly, take actions that will make humanity better. Through our well-planned events and conferences, we and our strategic partners commit to ensuring that people of every status in the society can connect with their peers to interact on issues that matter whiles entertaining themselves. 
We also ensure that, decisions taken by our clients are well implemented; and are in the greater interest of the people.  We foster lasting bonds by making sure that each person is celebrated and every action, appreciated.


To provide world-class services in events management, travel and tourism, start-up and entrepreneurial development, sister-city and exchange programs, policy analysis and project management that will accelerate human development.


We want to become a global giant whose services will impact many lives, including generations unborn.

Core Values

    We are a progressive company that also anticipates future opportunities and challenges. The goal is to impact the current and future generations through our works. Together with other stakeholders, we are committed to ensuring that whatever we touch stands the test of time.  
    We work together to achieve greater results by making every stakeholder an integral part of the company. We are well-coordinated and carry everyone along until we achieve results.  
    We ensure that we adhere to the best global standards. We are critical about every step we take. It’s our pride to always deliver and produce the best in everything with style and class.  
    We put our best talents and expertise together to execute very memorable results even in difficulties. We turn challenges into opportunities by exhibiting skills that change the narrative.  
    We are moved by strong will of getting the work done.  We never get tired as far as the needs of our clients are concerned. We ensure that we go the extra mile to put smiles on the faces of those who believe in us and subscribes to our services.  
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